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WEBINAR description.
The development of digital technology is increasingly progressing very rapidly, this change cannot be considered a simple change, because this change is a very influential progress in the present.

Dian Nusantara University understands these technological advances, and since April 2020 UNDIRA has been gradually holding regular WEBINAR with different topics according to the needs of 8 study programs and presenting resource persons who are professional in their fields.

Until now, the UNDIRA WEBINAR has entered its 23rd episode, and will continue to be held to fulfill student competencies in each study program and is also open to the public. Some of the speakers that have been presented at the UNDIRA WEBINAR include :

Webinar Review #37
Hydrogen as One of the Energy Transitions with Nett Zero Emissions
03 Februari 2024
“Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in IT: Exploring the applications, benefits, and challenges of AI and ML in the IT industry”
21 November 2023
"Building The Future Through The Renewable Energy and Battery Revolution".
21 November 2023
"Optimizing the Use of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Improving the Quality of Higher Education Learning Outcomes"
21 November 2023
"Business Transformation in the Education Industry in Era 5.0."
21 November 2023
Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Jabodetabek Areas
19 Juni 2023
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