Description of the Lecture Operations Bureau
  1. The Lecture Operational Bureau (BOP) is an administrative implementing element at the University level that provides technical services and lecture administration.
  2. The Lecture Operations Bureau is led by the Head of the Lecture Operations Bureau who is under the control and is responsible to the Academic Director.
  3. The Head of the Lecture Operations Bureau has the following main duties:
    a. Develop a service system and lecture administration
    b. Implement, monitor, and evaluate service activities and lecture administration.
    c. Provide technical services and lecture administration to elements of University leadership, learning implementers, technical implementing units, and students.
    d. Reporting unit performance and evaluation for continuous improvement actions with the principles of determining planning, setting standards, implementing programs, evaluating programs and corrective actions.
    e. Manage and improve lecture administration data and information at the University level.
  4. The Lecture Operations Bureau has the following functions:
    a. Carry out planning for the administration service system of lecture scheduling, arrangement and use of lecture rooms within the University, with Faculties, Postgraduates, and related work units under the coordination of the Academic Director, including:
    • Lecture Service for all students.
    • Scheduling and arrangement of the use of the lecture hall.
    • Scheduling and Assignment of course lecturers.
    • Determination of student study groups to program courses.
    • Implementation of mid-semester and end-semester examinations.
    • Setting with SISKA in entry of student grades.
    • Making lecture and exam instruments.
    • Service to lecturers during lectures and exams.
    • Development of systems, standards, mechanisms and SOPs for the arrangement and use of lecture halls and Lecture Implementation.

    b. Carry out program activities.
    • Schedule the use of the lecture hall.
    • Preparation of the administration of lecturer assignments to be signed by Vice Rector I.
    • Adminate the conduct of lectures and examinations.
    • Adminate the attendance of lecturers and students.
    • Provide data for the preparation of the PD-Dikti forlap report every semester from each Faculty, Postgraduate and other work units.
    • Archiving of academic documents for lectures and exams.
    • Provide lecture information services to students.

    c. Carry out reporting and follow-up.
    • Prepare a report on the work program of the Career Center and Alumni Relations, every year as a form of accountability to the Chancellor in accordance with the applicable standards.
    • Implementing internal improvements at the level of the Division led, after receiving the direction of the Academic Director.
    • Recommend matters that need to be followed up by the Academic Director.
    • Make a report for the completeness of the PD-Dikti forlap.
    • Report administrative matters requested by LLDIKTI Region III. .
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