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  1. Description of Public Relations Bureau and Secretariat
    The Public Relations Bureau and the University Secretariat (Humas & SU Bureau) are the implementing elements of the University that plan, coordinate, implement, monitor, and evaluate various activities related to public relations for the benefit of building, maintaining, and developing the image of UNDIRA as well as carrying out activities related to secretarial management of the University. The Public Relations Bureau and the University Secretariat are under the control and reporting to the Chancellor.

    The Public Relations Bureau and the Dian Nusantara University Secretariat have the following functions:

    a. Planning a university level public relations work program.
    b. Implement university level public relations work programs.
    c. Carry out monitoring and evaluation.
    d. Carry out reporting and follow-up.

  2. Public Relations & SU . Bureau Program
    a. Undira Cares

    UNDIRA Peduli is a form of UNDIRA's concern to show social sensitivity and concern for the condition of the Indonesian people. UNDIRA Peduli was present at the time of a disaster in early 2020, namely the flood disaster in the capital city of Jakarta, the event that built UNDIRA to present UNDIRA Peduli by involving all stakeholders at Dian Nusantara University such as students, lecturers, employees and university leaders.
    In addition to social care activities, the aims and objectives of UNDIRA Peduli are, among others, to implement the Tri Dharma of Higher Education in the form of service and to build student sensitivity to what is happening in the country, especially in the social and humanitarian fields.

    b. Campus Talk
    Campus Talks is an activity organized by the Public Relations Bureau and the Secretariat to conduct MPR for the general public, especially high school/vocational/equivalent students and students and the general public, to provide more knowledge to Dian Nusantara University students outside of the learning carried out in lectures. and provide encouragement through motivation.

    c. Hello Campus
    d. Undira Goes To School
    e. Undira Berbagi Berkah 

  3. Contact Person                                      : 021-21194454 / 0813-1415-0267
  4. Email                                                   : [email protected]
  5. Sosial Media
    Instagram : @undiraofficial
    YouTube : Universitas Dian Nusantara
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