Marketing Bureau
  1. Description of Marketing Bureau
    The Marketing Bureau is a work unit formed to support marketing activities at Dian Nusantara University. The Marketing Bureau is expected to be able to design, and carry out marketing activities with the main objective of increasing new student admissions.

    In order to increase the number of new students, the Marketing Bureau of Dian Nusantara University combines various marketing strategies or techniques, ranging from conventional marketing activities to marketing using digital media or the internet (digital marketing). In order for the marketing carried out to run effectively and on target, the Marketing Bureau always evaluates the activities that have been carried out and then carries out several innovations or developments so that the activities carried out can succeed in accordance with the targets that have been set.

  2. Marketing Bureau Purpose
    a. The achievement of effective and targeted marketing activities by understanding market conditions and prospective new students
    b. Participate in building the image of Dian Nusantara University and socialize it to the public in general and prospective new students in particular.
    c. Providing education and also consulting for prospective new students related to the programs, facilities or advantages of Dian Nusantara University
    d. Easy access to information and registration for prospective new students, with the management and development of an integrated (online) information and registration system.
    e. The achievement of customer satisfaction and the trust of prospective new students at Dian Nusantara University by implementing the excellent service provided by the Marketing Bureau of Dian Nusantara University

  3. Contact Person
    f.  Tanjung Duren Campus                        : 0812-8770-2769
    g. Cibubur Campus                                  : 0812-8770-2796

  4. Marketing Bureau E-mail                      : [email protected]

  5. Website                                                 :
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