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Description of the Bureau of Facilities and Infrastructure.

The Bureau of Facilities and Infrastructure is one of the supporting factors in achieving the success of the teaching and learning process at the university. Of course, this can be achieved if the availability of adequate facilities and infrastructure is accompanied by optimal management.

Good management of facilities and infrastructure is expected to create a clean, neat, and beautiful university so as to create pleasant conditions for both lecturers and students to be on campus. In addition, there is also the availability of adequate learning tools or facilities quantitatively, qualitatively, and relevant to the needs and can be used optimally for the benefit of the education and teaching process, both by lecturers as teachers and students as students. The purpose of managing campus facilities and infrastructure is to provide professional services so that the learning process can take place effectively and efficiently

At Dian Nusantara University the unit that handles the facilities and infrastructure section is the BSP (Bureau of Facilities and Infrastructure). This unit under the Directorate of Resources synergizes with all other units to create facilities and infrastructure that can be used properly by the entire campus community. The Bureau of Facilities and Infrastructure is a service and administrative unit that deals with facilities, infrastructure, and logistics. The Bureau of Facilities and Infrastructure has the following functions:

  1. Carry out planning for system development and procurement and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure as well as logistics at the University with the guidance of the Director of Resources including:
    • Planning, management, and development of resources and assets within the University
    • Planning maintenance, maintaining order, security, work safety and maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the campus.
    • Development of systems, mechanisms and SOPs for infrastructure management, procurement and maintenance of facilities, infrastructure and logistics.
  2. Implementing program activities.
    • Distribution of supporting resources for the procurement and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure and logistics for the needs of work units within the university
    • Maintenance, repair, maintenance, renovation of buildings and rooms and gardens.
    • Maintenance and maintenance of lighting and room acoustics
    • Maintenance and maintenance of electricity, telephone, water and ICT networks
    • Implementing maintenance, work safety, and maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the campus.
  3. Implementing reporting and follow-up
    • Prepare a report on the work program of the Bureau of Facilities and Infrastructure, annually as a form of accountability to the Director of Resources in accordance with applicable standards
    • Implementing internal improvements in the field of infrastructure management after receiving the direction of the Head of the Director of Resources.
    • Recommend administrative matters requested by the LLDIKTI wilasyah III.

Some of the functions above are the main tasks of the Bureau of Facilities and Infrastructure, the targets that have been set by the University can be realized with hard work as well as the cooperation and responsibility of all the campus community. Therefore, it needs support from the leadership, lecturers, teaching staff and students.

On the other hand, the Facilities and Infrastructure Bureau Unit can also provide facilities to the entire community. Starting from borrowing classrooms, halls and several areas that can be used for activities related to the academic community. The procedure for borrowing facilities can be confirmed directly to the Facilities and Infrastructure Bureau Unit. To make the loan process easier for all facilities, please contact the University Information Center by phone or email to [email protected].

Contact Person : [email protected]

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