Description of the Directorate of Human Resources
  1. The Directorate of Human Resources Undira is a non-academic support unit (implementing element) at the University level which is under the coordination of the non-Academic Vice Chancellor based on Foundation Regulation Number: YDA/002/Skep/IV/2019 concerning organizational structure and work procedures. The HR Directorate supports the achievement of the University's Vision and Mission through the following functions:

    A. Coordination of resource development system planning at the rectorate, faculty, graduate school, and related work units, including: 1) Planning, 2) management, 3) human resource development and development (educational and educational staff, laboratory assistants, and technicians ).
    B. Program implementer:
    a. Human resource administration (recruitment system, selection, placement, assessment, education and training, salary, promotion, rotation, demotion and retirement), with stages:
    • Analyze and estimate the availability of educators/educational staff.
    • Designing systems, mechanisms and SOPs for resource development.
    • Implementing a system of recruitment and selection of resources.
    • Distributing educators/educational staff based on the request and needs of the work unit.
    • Implementing an integrated personnel data system in every work unit.
    • Implementing, proposing, documenting rank and class.
    • Implementing, proposing and documenting further studies, training and development of educators/educational staff.
    • Implementing, proposing and documenting pensions/layoffs for educators and education staff.
    b. Distribute supporting resources at the rectorate, faculty, postgraduate, and other work units.

    C. Carry out reporting and follow-up.
    a. Prepare a report on the work program of the Resource Development Bureau.
    b. Carry out internal improvements at the Bureau level
    c. Recommend follow-up decisions at the rectorate, faculty, postgraduate, and other work unit levels.
    d. Routinely report relevant data/information to the government.


  2. HR Contact        : [email protected]


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