Description of Undira English Center (UEC)
  1. Description of Undira English Center (UEC)
    UEC is a special unit in the field of English that functions as one of the realizations of a university that has a global perspective. In other words, Undira requires the entire academic community to actively understand and master English, especially the students. Therefore, UEC also has a function as a place for the development and improvement of English competence for the entire UNDIRA academic community, through English language programs that are tailored to the needs. In addition, UEC also provides English language courses for the general public who want to develop English language competencies to improve good communication skills in English.

  2. UEC Programs
    UEC has several English language development programs, such as:

    a. General English
    This program consists of Basic English which focuses on basic speaking, basic listening, and basic reading. This program is open to the entire UNDIRA academic community and the general public.

    b. English 101
    This program is specifically for improving speaking skills (English Conversation) and is intended for UNDIRA students and the general public.

    c. Professional English
    This program is a special English program that can be ordered according to the needs of participants so that participants can master English according to their wishes and abilities. Applies to internal UNDIRA and the general public/corporate.

    d. UNDIRA Speaks English (USE)
    This program is an internal UEC program in terms of English conversation, specifically for the Leaders, Permanent Lecturers, and UNDIRA Teaching Staff.

    e. TOEIC Preparation Class & TOEIC Test
    This program is a special preparation class for the TOEIC test. After graduating from this program, participants can take the TOEIC test.

    f. Academic English
    This program is held for internal UNDIRA and the general public. Participants will learn English for academic purposes, such as Academic Writing and Presentation Skills.

    g. General English Test
    General English Test or GET is a form of English test that serves to measure basic English skills. The test is in the form of listening and reading in English. GET doesn't issue a certificate, it's just a number. In other words, this test can also function as a diagnostic test.

  3. Contact Person                        : 087712346702 (Staf UEC)
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  5. Media Sosial                             : @uec_officials (Instagram)


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