Mentoring Go Export 2024: Collaboration between UNDIRA and Disdagin Kota Bandung

16 Februari 2024
By : Andhika Dhixz

Observing the rapid development of exports in Indonesia is in line with the vision of Universitas Dian Nusantara (UNDIRA) to establish itself as a trusted and professional educational institution with a global perspective. This effort also aims to meet the needs of science and technology-based industry and entrepreneurship in 2030. In collaboration with the Bandung City Trade and Industry Office, UNDIRA actively participated in the Go Export 2024 Mentoring program held at the Savoy Homann Hotel Bandung on January 30-31 and February 1.5 to 7, 2024; an event organized by the Trade Office. This agenda is part of our efforts to stimulate export activities in the city of Bandung.

UNDIRA's Vice Chancellor, Directors, Deans, and lecturers participated as resource persons in discussions on export trends linked to academic studies. On January 31, 2024, the Dean of UNDIRA's Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, Mrs. Desi Desi Ramayanti S.Kom., M.T., presented her discussion on "Digital Revolution in Export: IT Literacy to Increase Global Reach." She highlighted the importance of information technology (IT) and the digital revolution in enhancing businesses' ability to export products or services globally. In this context, IT literacy refers to the understanding and effective application of information technology to support export activities.

On the same day, Mr. Eriklex Donald Sahusilawane, SE, MM, who serves as UNDIRA's Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Chairman of the Association of Creative Innovative Entrepreneurs (APIK), stated that to increase exports in Indonesia, entrepreneurs must innovate by increasing technology-based trade and investment. The export process carried out by businesses in Bandung City is expected to increase the production and competitiveness of domestic products.

Discussions on improving business and export capabilities through the role of information technology (IT) and the digital revolution are not sufficient. Export business correspondence also plays an important role in maintaining good relations with international business partners while ensuring smooth export operations. This was discussed by lecturers from UNDIRA's English Literature study program on February 5, 2024; the coverage included an introduction to Export Business Correspondence which emphasizes clarity, accuracy, professionalism in writing export documents; as well as current technological challenges and opportunities in Export Correspondence.

The Go Export 2024 Mentoring Program became a forum for 90 export-ready entrepreneurs in Bandung to discuss export entrepreneurship with the theme 'Export 5.0'. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Drs. Ronny Ahmad Nurudin, M.M., Acting Head of the Bandung City Trade and Industry Agency who said, "We will explore factors such as the halal assurance system, partnerships with universities, SWOT analysis, and Export 5.0 perspectives."

One of the participants in the Go Export 2024 Mentoring Program was Yuli - the owner of Netaly Boutique, who spoke positively about her experience with the program. She recognizes that there are many benefits associated with this initiative; including gaining knowledge on halal certification applicable to fabric materials used in the fashion industry, as well as understanding comprehensive export procedures.

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