Dian Nusantara University Holds 4th Anniversary and Inaugural Graduation of Undergraduate Program

12 Januari 2024
By : Administrator

December 09, 2023 - Dian Nusantara University (UNDIRA) held its 4th Anniversary and Graduation Ceremony for the 2022/2023 Academic Year at The Krakatau Grand Ballroom, TMII Jakarta.

This graduation was UNDIRA's first graduation since it was officially established in Jakarta on September 28, 2019. A total of 352 graduates and graduates were officially inaugurated as UNDIRA's first graduates by the Rector of Dian Nusantara University Prof. Dr. H. Suharyadi.

At the 4th anniversary and inaugural graduation of UNDIRA this time, the Head of the Higher Education Service Institution (LLDIKTI) Region III Prof. Dr. Toni Toharudin, S.Si., M.Sc, Rector of Gunadarma University Prof. Dr. E.S Margianti, SE.., MM, Chairman of the Dian Asra Foundation of Dian Nusantara University Mr. Sagoro Dharmawan, and Chairman of The New You Institute Dr. Zulfikar Alimuddin as a speaker for a scientific oration with the theme "Building Professional Identity with Knowledge and Expertise", as well as several UNDIRA stakeholders and the entire academic community of Dian Nusantara University.

The journey of Dian Nusantara University has not been as smooth as expected since it was first established in 2019, one of which was in early 2020 there was a co-19 pandemic that hit the whole world including Indonesia, and almost all business sectors were greatly affected including the education sector. However, with special handling and focus, Dian Nusantara University is able to rise and continue to grow to become a trusted and professional university so that it can produce quality graduates to meet the needs of the industrial and entrepreneurial world based on Science and Technology in 2030 in accordance with the Vision of Dian Nusantara University.

"Of the 1,452 first batch students, 352 students successfully completed their studies and were entitled to hold a Bachelor's degree," said Prof. Suharyadi.


Prof. Suharyadi expressed his gratitude to all parties who have worked hard to build and develop UNDIRA which was pioneered from scratch, until now which has succeeded in graduating 352 graduates.

During the four-year journey, Dian Nusantara University students numbered more than 6,000 students spread across three UNDIRA campuses including Tanjung Duren Campus West Jakarta, Green Ville Campus West Jakarta and Cibubur Campus Bekasi.

In keeping up with current technological developments, Dian Nusantara University provides Google Workspace facilities to students and to all new UNDIRA students, with the hope that they will get used to using Google Workspace during college and can be implemented in the world of work, considering that this is currently one of the demands of the times in today's digital era. This matter was spoken by the Chairman of the Dian Asra Foundation, Mr. Sagoro Dharmawan.

Meanwhile, it appears on the faces of all UNDIRA graduates and graduates and their families who are very enthusiastic about participating in UNDIRA's first graduation which is also a new history for Dian Nusantara University.

(Sekar Ayu / HUMAS UNDIRA)

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