Chat Together Online

Chatting Together Online is an activity initiated by the Vice Chancellor III for Academic Affairs to bridge between Dian Nusantara University and various parties with the aim of increasing students' abilities and understanding in several fields outside of their respective study programs.

In contrast to WEBINAR, Online Chatting is held in a more relaxed manner and with more global topics of discussion. Some of the online chats that have been carried out include;

  1. Online Chat #1 with the theme "The Role of Networks in Business", with Resource Person Umar Lubis as Actor and Entrepreneur & Hardyanthony Wiratama as CEO of Alien Design Consultant.
  2. Online Chat #2 with the theme "Innovations Created During The Pandemic", with resource person Sagoro Dharmawan as Chair of the Dian Asra Foundation at Dian Nusantara University and Founder & Managing Director of Visious Studio, Rege Indrastudianto as Founder & Design Director of Visious Studio, Rahmat Indrani as Founder of Spos Redhouse.
  3. Online Chat #3 with the theme "Post-Covid Communication Strategy", with resource person Tommy Tjokro as the news anchor about iNews RCTI & CEO of Sepikul Indonesia, Amir Faisal as Founder & Owner of The Atjeh Connection.
  4. Online Chat #4 with the theme "Service Business Survive Strategy", with resource persons Erik Syam Pratama as Legal Consultant and Victor Ary Subekti as Chief Compliace & Network Officer of Lion Parcel.
  5. Online Chat #5 with the theme "Through the Art of Making the Nation Great", with resource persons Dwiki Dharmawan as Musician / Jazz Musician and Fakhri Bagus as Young Violist.
  6. Online Chat #6 with the theme "Barriers to Press Freedom in Democracy in Indonesia", with resource persons Jamalul Insan as the Press Council, Arief Suditomo as Director of News and Chief Editor of Metro TV, Agung Suprio as the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI), and Bekti Nugroho as Team of Experts on the Study of Dirpolkom, Bapenas.
  7. Ngobrol Bareng Online#7 dengan tema "Mengenal Republik Irlandia: Masyarakat, Budaya, Pemerintahan, dan Pendidikan Tinggi”, dengan Narasumber HE Olivia Leslie selaku Duta Besar Republik Irlandia dan Jeck Fernandez selaku Consular Officer Kedubes Irlandia.
Not only intended for students and the academic community of Dian Nusantara University, Online Chatting is also open to the general public.

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