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Dian Nusantara University becomes the center of the Independent Vaccine

In the framework of the 76th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia's 76th anniversary, Dian Nusantara University collaborated with the Jatisampurna Police to carry out the Merdeka Vaccine at the Dian Nusantara University Cibubur campus on August 6-17 2021. This vaccination activity was carried out taking into account that there are still many people who have not been vaccinated.
According to Iptu Santri Dirga Setadatri S, T, K, S, I, K as the Jatisampurna Police Chief, the people who took part in the Merdeka Vaccine activity were quite enthusiastic, because every day as many as 1,000 doses of vaccine allocated to 5 vaccine outlets was always fulfilled, not infrequently exceeding quota.
The Chairperson of the Dian Asra Foundation and the Chancellor of Dian Nusantara University, who recommended that all Dian Nusantara University members be willing to carry out the vaccination except for those who are not recommended for vaccines, need to include a doctor's letter. “The entire Undira community, both students/lecturers/educational staff concerned, must carry out vaccinations to protect each other, be it friends, family, or our own lecturers. Based on experience at Undira in the task force team, those who have been vaccinated when exposed are much better and more stable than those who have not been vaccinated." Said Sagoro Dharmawan, Chairman of the Dian Asra Foundation, Dian Nusantara University.
In his statement, Sagoro Dharmawan explained that Dian Nusantara University has an internal and external Covid Task Force with actions that have been taken, namely data collection on vaccinations, informing and appealing to all members of the community and families if there is vaccine activity. Apart from that, the Undira Task Force also provides medicines, vitamins, oximeters, and oxygen cylinders for Undira internally exposed to Covid-19, as well as several fleets used for mobilization if there is an emergency, taking Undira internal and external covid patients to the hospital or delivering oxygen if needed. as well as the Undira task force also prepared 3 apartments for lecturers, employees, and families who were exposed and needed a place of independent isolation.
Long before the holding of this vaccine activity, the Jatisampurna Police had carried out socialization and education to the community through the sub-district, RT, and RW in a collective way or door-to-door. It is hoped that by holding the Merdeka Vaccine, the community can reach 70% herd immunity in the Jatisampurna area.
The Jatisampurna Police Chief also expressed his hope that the collaboration that had been built with Dian Nusantara University could continue to collaborate, not only limited to vaccination activities but every activity that could support each other.
The Merdeka Vaccine activity lasts for 9 days, and the culmination of the implementation of this vaccine is on August 17, 2021 which coincides with the 76th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, on that day Dian Nusantara University together with one of the donors gave 150 basic food packages to health workers and participants vaccinations that have been vaccinated on the independence day.

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